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In 2013, Google made severe changes to the way their algorithms functions. These changes gave every business (big or small), including Find It Media, LLC clients, a chance to propel their online presence. Google gave small businesses the chance to compete and hold their ground against MAJOR corporations like Costco, JC Penney, Target, Wayfair, etc. It was when these severe changes happened that we realized we could provide a better service that would add even more value to the businesses of our clients.

As our vision started to come to life, we began to experiment with the proven trends of online videos being indexed faster since Google owned YouTube, and hashtags were now trending on world news feeds like Twitter and Instagram. Google’s new search engine algorithms responded amazingly to the joining of hashtags and videos. It was during this experimentation that #vidit was born. We filed a provisional patent in October of 2013, and it was approved in June of 2017.

Here at #vidit, the value we provide to our clients goes well beyond algorithms. We believe in providing anyone with an idea or a dream the chance to work with a company that holds its core values in honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, structure, and skills. We want to eliminate the stress of having to work with an over-priced and under-par digital marketing company by offering an environment based in equal opportunity for any business looking to take advantage of our patent approved video marketing platform without feeling like just an account number being pushed through a system.

Within in our staff we have over 16 years of digital marketing presence, with a collective sum of over 40 years in SEO, PPC, and Social and Video Marketing Strategies. With years of experience, we believe the customer is always right, and will always go above and beyond to achieve the best positive outcome for our clients. The outcome that we can guarantee is that the companies we represent will always be on the #1 page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, or YouTube faster than traditional SEO practices at a lower cost per lead with trackable results.

#vidit is paving the way by being a “category creator” within digital marketing. We are leveling the playing field for any businesses all because Jennifer Sultzaberger had a mission to provide equality for every size business. She is providing a way for them to compete with major corporations in a way that wasn’t always possible. The team at #vidit will exceed your expectations when it comes to customer service, work ethic, and product value. We promise you this because nothing gives us more joy then the defining moments of every business; when a single dream becomes a reality, and the client’s business becomes everything they hoped it could be. Let #vidit give your dreams and ideas life!